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We suffer more in imagination than in reality.

Seneca’s On Tranquility of Mind

Seneca admonishes against the trap of power and prestige: We are all chained to fortune: the chain of one is made of gold, and wide, while that of another is short and rusty. But what difference does it make?

translated here by classics scholar Moses Hadas

c. 49-62 CE

Seneca The Younger was a philosopher who held an important position in the Roman Empire and is one of the major contributors to the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. Seneca once exchanged letters with his friend Serenus, on how to free the mind from anxiety and worry in a Stoic way. This dialogue is now called De Tranquillitate Animi which is Latin for On The Tranquility Of The Mind. Seneca’s words are not only geared towards caring less; they also point out what we should care about in order to achieve tranquility.

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