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We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains.
Li Bai

Li Bai

He lived unconventionally—drinking wine into the night, wandering around after curfew, mingling with people from all walks of life.

han zhang

701 – 762 CE

In 724 A.D., the twenty-three-year-old poet Li Bai got on a boat and set out from his home region of Shu, today’s Sichuan province, in search of Daoist learnings and a political career. He wasn’t headed anywhere in particular. Instead, he began a life of roaming—hiking up mountains to Daoist sites, meeting men of letters all over the country, and leaving behind hundreds of poems about his travels, his solitude, his friends, the moon, and the pleasures of drinking wine. In the centuries since, Li’s verse, by turns playful and profound, has made him China’s most beloved poet.

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