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The materials used for Gandhara sculpture were green phyllite and gray-blue mica.

Gandhara Buddha

Gandhara art, style of Buddhist visual art that developed in what is now northwestern Pakistanand eastern Afghanistan between the 1st century BCEand the 7th century CE.

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100 BCE -700 CE

The Gandhara region had long been a crossroads of cultural influences. During the reign of the Indian emperor Ashoka (3rd century BCE), the region became the scene of intensive Buddhist missionary activity. And in the 1st century CE, rulers of the Kushan empire, which included Gandhara, maintained contacts with Rome. In its interpretation of Buddhist legends, the Gandhara school incorporated many motifs and techniques from Classical Roman art, including vine scrolls, cherubs bearing garlands, tritons, and centaurs. The basic iconography, however, remained Indian.

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